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Ivančić Griffin Chardonnay sur lie 2015

Ivančić Griffin Chardonnay sur lie 2015
25,99 € 194,92 HRK
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There is a new wine star being born in Central Croatia on Plešivica. Krešimir Ivančić is a young winemaker who is among the first in Croatia introduce the new technology of producing wine and sparkling wines with cold maceration. Method that enables the production of wines and sparkling wines with strong floral and fruity bouquet. His family has been making wines for generations and they have a long tradition of winemaking. Their vineyards are located on the highest parts of Plešivica over 400m above sea level, facing south which allows them to produce premium grapes. The fact that Krešimir is perfectionist and a man who lives for wine in combination with the latest technologies gives characteristic expression of terroir in wines. It provides character to the wine which is very recognizable and characteristic to the best wines and winemakers in the world.

Wine notes

WINERY Ivančić Winery
Region Central Croatia
variety Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is aged in new American oak barrels for 14 months on the sediment. It is produced with the so-called sur lie technology that enables the production of wine with almost no sulfur. The wine was educatated on the yeasts so it becomes wine with expressive body and fullness that lingers in the mouth for a long time. American oak tannins are unique and they differ from Croatian or French oak by the dominant aroma of vanilla. This Chardonnay is the crown of the Ivančić winery and at the recent exhibitions it was awarded 4 gold medals as one of the best Croatian Chardonnays.

  • Vanilla
  • Green apple
    Green apple
  • Lemon
  • Honey

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