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Kiridžija Dingač 2013

Kiridžija Dingač 2013
24,99 € 187,42 HRK
5 | 3 voted

Winemaker Kiridžija has been present for a long time on the Croatian wine scene. Unfortunately, he is relatively unknown to the broader market due to very small production quantities. His harvest gives about five thousand bottles from the vineyard, with an average age of 25 years. Kiridžija Dingač is a premium, dry, red wine from the well known indigenous Plavac mali variety from the Pelješac penninsula in the southern Croatian coast and its microlocation of Dingač. Aged in Hungarian oak barrels that Vedran is using which set his wines apart from the standard Slavonian or French barrels used by others.

Wine notes

WINERY OPG Vedran Kiridžija
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

The body is juicy and you really want to keep it on your palate as long as you can. There is a refreshing taste of mint and vague berries, and as it opens aromas of carob and even dark cholcoate are strongly penetrating. The taste is very concentrated with soft texture. At the end, a vave of heat undoubtedly states that this is an exclusive wine. Croatia in a bottle, you can see the Adriatic shimmering in the hot sun when you close your eyes. An excellent example of Plavac Mali!

  • Mint
  • Fresh Berries
    Fresh Berries
  • carob
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate

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