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Kosovec Chkrlet 2016
10,99 € 82,42 HRK
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Young and talented natural winemaker, Ivan Kosovec is working on a revival of Škrlet, an indigenous varietal from the region of Moslavina. It was a vine that only grows in this hilly area and nowhere else in the world, the grape is an unknown varietal outside of this region. The grape has tiny red “freckles” so Škrlet is derived from the German word “scharlach”, meaning a speckled or dotted surface that are reminiscent those of a Scarlet fever rash. Driven by his passion for hands-off winemaking Kosovec made this ordinary, almost forgotten, table grape into something extraordinary not only reviving the planting of more vines but also the elevation of taste and structure of days past.

Wine notes

WINERY Kosovec Winery
Region Central Croatia
variety Škrlet 75%, Chardonnay 25%

Chkrlet is a blend of Škrlet (75%) and Chardonnay (25%) from Ivan Kosovec's vineyard in Moslavina. Completely dry, clear, light and drinkable, yet very aromatic with a welcomed touch of rusticity. Apple compote, on the unknown spiciness from maceration or aging on lees, but without wood. Fine golden tannin with sharp and electric acids ideally spread. Thanks to the good dynamic and liveliness in the mouth, with an even finish and without any perceivable weight, Chkrlet works as a quick sip wine, but with a lasting impression.

  • Honey
  • Lime
  • Apple
  • acacia flowers
    acacia flowers

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