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Krajančić Pošip Sur-Lie 2013

Krajančić Pošip Sur-Lie 2013
18,99 € 142,42 HRK
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Mr. Krajančić is the man who will surely take the credit when Pošip, the pride of Korčula winemaking, shoots to fame outside Croatia. Combination of low yield per vine and modern vinification techniques creates wines with a polished international style, which can bring negative comments from fellow islanders on the account of disrespect of tradition. As Mr. Krajanić says, it takes a bit of creativity and insanity to do what he does. Even those who are far from being wine geeks will recognize the warmth and aromas of the south Adriatic island in Krajančić's wines, but reinterpreted in his way.

Wine notes

WINERY Krajančić Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Pošip

Pošip sur lie really comes in experimental quantities of only 3.500 bottles but already it belongs among the best dry white wines from Croatia. Maturation is in large, previously used barrels on fine sediments, what results in fullness, juiciness and creaminess. Bright golden-yellow color. First nose is dominated by notes of white flowers, citrus and minerality. After 15 min. typical Mediterranean flavors appears such as resins, underbrush, herbs, ripe quince, honey and dried apricots. Nice touch of smoke and petrol. On the palate, smooth, seamless, oily along with the retained freshness. Finish is long and clean. Don’t serve it too cold because only at room temperature shows its elegance and charm.

  • Lime
  • Herbs
  • Quince
  • Honey

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