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Križ Plavac Mali 2014

Križ Plavac Mali 2014
18,99 € 142,42 HRK
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The soil and vine are treated by hand, without the use of harmful chemicals. The approach to wine production is ecological. Natural yeasts are preserved in the soil and in the grapes themselves, so that there is no need for selected yeasts. Organic viticulture is nurtured in their vineyards since 2008. The conditions of the vineyards are extreme, with exceptionally difficult, rocky terrain at a slope of up to 45 degrees the ground deeply contoured in the shape of gutters. The terrain was refined by hand, creating terraces with dry-stone-walls – the protectors and guardians of poor soil. The cultivation of the vineyards and crops is 100% natural, traditional and ecological.

Wine notes

WINERY Križ Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

Certified organic with biodynamic​ practices. Plavac Mali delivers flavors of dark fruits, pepper and spices. A dry red wine of the Plavac Mali variety, with an antique charm and exceptional drinkability despite being high in alcohol (14-15% alc/vol). In every sip of Križ, one can sense the simplicity and softness of the tannin, atypical for red varieties that require long periods of aging. The Križ wine is Pelješac in a bottle, created by blending wines from the Križ and Postup regions. The mineral notes and rounded taste resulting from the soil composition and the vicinity of the sea place these two positions at the very top of the assortment.

  • salt
  • Black pepper
    Black pepper
  • Cherry
  • Herbs
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