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Marjan Simčič Chardonnay Opoka 2013

Marjan Simčič Chardonnay Opoka 2013
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Simčič wines are produced from grapes that are cultivated in their own vineyards located in the very heart of Goriška Brda (hills of Gorizia). They believe in Goriška Brda's soil which was left by the sea on the hills' surface in ancient times. The outcome was a soil rich in minerals, which contributes to the production of unique wines. Here the Mediterranean and the Alps shake hands. These are the ideal climate conditions for the vine's growth. The Latin phrase "in vino veritas" - there is truth in wine. This story flows in every glass of their wine.

Wine notes

WINERY Simčič Marjan Family Estate
Region Gorizia Hills (Goriška brda)
variety Chardonnay

Deep gold yellow, with mineral fragrances. Fatty, reminiscent of the fragrances of dried fruit, and honey, bread and melted butter. In the glass, it quickly develops its ability, with a light line of vanilla. Approaching a salty taste, with increasing finish. In a nutshell: the greatest. An absolutely prestigious wine, with excellent aging potential.

  • Honey
  • Butter
  • Vanilla
  • Peach
47,99 € 49,99 € 359,92 HRK 374,92 HRK
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