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Markus Babić Franz Ferdinand 2015

Markus Babić Franz Ferdinand 2015
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The secret of a good Babić lies in the concentration, minerality, and depth. Its most significant quality is the ability to preserve freshness and brightness in the hot Mediterranean climate as if it is naturally immune to over-ripeness and jamminess. The rough and harsh terrain of Primošten's surroundings, covered with rocks, washed out by the sun, with sporadic, jealously guarded patches of soil, is a perfect fit for Babić variety. The sole purpose of this tiny piece of land is to provide shelter for this unique grape variety. However, when people plant it elsewhere, on more abundant and fertile fields driven by the desire to make it more wide-spread, it loses its unique character. Only in the microcosm of Primošten wine-growing region, it gives the best results. Nevertheless, some appellations are more extraordinary than others. One of those exceptional micro-locations is Podgreben, a vineyard more than a hundred years old, planted back in 1914 and dedicated to the memory of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which happened in the same year. This unique vineyard still yields grapes with unique qualities even after a whole century of bearing grapes to the family that planted it. The old vines stroke roots in the karst and cracks in the rocks hundreds of meters deep and they absorb nutrients from these depths. Huddled in a bush during the hot summers, with its large and thick leaves it is carefully hiding three to four grape bunches from the intense sun, the maximum yield it can give under these conditions. The quality of those grapes is remarkable and represents the pure essence of Babić. Not only this bottle holds one of the best wines Dalmatia has ever seen, but it is also a living history, a witness of life and death of generations, a product of love by caring people. A unique experience.

Wine notes

WINERY Šimunović i Szabo
Region Dalmatia
variety Babić

Concentration and depth, powerful aromas of black cherry, followed by a light smokiness and a griot. Tannins are firm but well-balanced, acidic, but cautious, the balance between fullness and vividness is ideal. The aftertaste is intense and alive, quite dry, with the impression of roughness and salty minerality on the finish. Ideally paired with aged steaks or mature and salty cheeses, in the company of those who appreciate a fine wine just as you do.

  • Cherry
  • dried herbs
    dried herbs
  • Smoky
  • Black currant
    Black currant

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