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Markus Dingač Pepejuh 2013

Markus Dingač Pepejuh 2013
34,99 € 262,42 HRK
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An excellent example of Croatian Vins de garage (garage wine), Daniel Szabo from Zagreb Markuševac. He made the first dingač in the middle of Zagreb, on Markuševcu. Markus symbolizes Markuševac and pepejuh the local Peljesac name of the snake which can be found in the vineyards of Dingač. Winemaker buys grapes only from the higher parts of Dingac and the old vineyards and then it is transported to Zagreb, after over two years of maturation, one of the most impressive Plavac mali from Dalmatia is ready​ for market.

Wine notes

WINERY Šimunović i Szabo
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali
PRODUCTION 3.000 bottles

The wine is softened to perfection, it doesn’t contain too much wood or smokiness, it has no rough sourness or piquancy while also not or growing or dissolving into jamminess or sweetness like many overripe samples. It stands firmly and lastingly on a clear, thin edge and it has a phenomenal aftertaste of berries and Plavac mali grape skin. On the nose it is reminiscent of a Portuguese red which our indigenous varieties obviously share a lot in common with. The alcohols didn’t run into liquority but rather, with measured power, they just support the rich structure

  • Cranberries
  • carob
  • Dried Cranberries
    Dried Cranberries
  • Cherry

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