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Matošević Grimalda red 2015

Matošević Grimalda red 2015
18,99 € 142,42 HRK
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As Ivica Matošević says; “Winemaking is not your 7 to 3 job. It is a challenge you face every single day of the year. It is your working hours and your job description. You contemplate the sky, confer with the sun and the clouds, you discuss with the forecast, chat with the grape wines and flatter the grapes…and you are still in your right mind. Actually, to enjoy it, you have to be a bit wacky.”

Wine notes

WINERY Matošević
Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Merlot 85%, Teran 15%

Grimalda red is a very special wine that combines Merlot and Teran varieties in 85 to 15 ratio. Because of the low yield, this grape is very complex, up to 1 kg per wine. Dark berries, creamy, almost jammy on the nose, and then more spices and leather. This is a wine of terroir, with distinct freshness and minerality, bordoux wine style with very long, plesant aftertaste in the mouth. It is a complex wine, regardless of the young vineyards it comes from. Exceptional wine

  • Wild strawberries
    Wild strawberries
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry

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