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Matuško Dingač Royal 2008

Matuško Dingač Royal 2008
53,99 € 404,92 HRK
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Mato Violić - Matuško is one of the pioneers of private Dingač wines. Being the avant-garde biker from Potomje, he makes very special wines. Dingač is not an ordinary wine, it has become a status symbol based on the tradition of winemaking in Croatian areas. Climate and micro-location were critical to the creation of quality, and grape variety Plavac Mali, which is in Dalmatia called "the blood of the soil", because of its resistance to drought and ruby red color, gave its best expression precisely in Dingač appellation.

Wine notes

WINERY Matuško Wine
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

It is made from a selection of berries harvested with the limited position of Dinagč vineyards. Dense shimmer ruby color with a smooth oily surface. The initial ripe fruit was replaced by the strong and concentrated smell of cherry, plum, and dried roses. The aromas of burnished wooden barrels became part of the whole, fused over time with a thick fruit extract and spices while the alcohol was hidden in fleshy, resinous aromas. At the palate, it is sweet, soft and supple cherry and cranberry juice. It is extremely soft with the constant presence of alcohol, fruit and a certain amount of sweetener, which is also the reason for the well-masked alcohol. The sweetness turns to serious dustiness and pleasant bitterness in an extra-long finish.

  • Cherry
  • Dry Plum
    Dry Plum
  • spices
  • Cranberries
31,99 € 239,92 HRK
17,99 € 134,92 HRK
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