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Plenković Zlatan plavac 2012

Plenković Zlatan plavac 2012
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In 1991 the Plenković family formed a horticulture company named Vitis, later changed the name to Zlatan Otok. Zlatan is a first name of the winemaker and Otok refers to island. Zlatan Plenkovic is the owner and winemaker. He has won the Croatian Winemaker of the Year award and has continued to place first or second since the award was started. Zlatan Plenkovic comes from a long history of family winemaking. In 1985 he decided to start making his own wines. The first vineyards of the Plenkovic Winery have occupied slopes that are up to a 40 to 60 percent incline on the southern coast of the island Hvar. Besides the initial vineyards on Hvar, Zlatan has vineyards in the region of Makarska and Šibenik.

Wine notes

WINERY Plenković - Zlatan Otok
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

High-quality dry wine Plavac Mali from the localities of Sv.Nedjelja. This wine aged in large wooden barrels (volume 40, 96 and 130 hl) and stainless steel a year and after filling in the bottles another 4 months. Dark red in color and has a rich structure and a long persistence. The wine is dark ruby in color, with a rich and layered, pleasant, and deep aroma that has undertones of Dalmatian herbs, spices, minerality, saltiness and dark fruit. The wine is warm and comforting on the nose, which is typical of Zlatan’s wines and has given them a specific identity and cult-following in Croatia and Europe. It is immensely structured and balanced and possesses a refined, complex, and an exceptional presence on the palate that is followed by a long and persistent finish. It is said that Zlatan's wines are traditional drink of fishermen, farmers and the inevitable detail of the best restaurant tables.

  • Herbs
  • spices
  • salt
  • Black currant
    Black currant

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