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Postup Mare 2015

Postup Mare 2015
24,79 € 185,92 HRK
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History of the small family winery Mrgudić and their family crest dates back to the Dubrovnik Republic. Throughout the long history ranging from 12 generations, family Mrgudić has always personally ran their vineyards and winery. Under today's wine label wine production started in 2003. The whole Mrgudić family is involved in production. Ante Mrgudić is owner of the estate while his wife Marija, son Boris and daughter Antonia managing the vineyards and winery. Postup position was protected in 1967 as controlled designation of origin. Mrgudić family has 3 hectares of vineyards ages 6-35 years. The assortment is 100% plavac mali. However, they planted 1500 vines of plavca sivog for which the 2013 was the first vintage. Family Mrgudić does not use large machinery and the terrain gives lower yields with better quality, enabling organic winemaking. Mrgudić family does vinification in a traditional way with the fermentation on its own yeasts, for a period of 7-10 days. The wine matures in oak barriques barrels, of which only 10% are new.

Wine notes

Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

Smoky and slightly burnt with strong notes of rosemary and Mediterranean herbs. Ethereal and appealingly fruity. In the mouth it is densely interlaced, buttery, full, dominant. Although dry and extremely warm, it leaves a soft feel. Tannins are ubiquitous, dense, polished, mature and sweet. They feel just pleasantly rough. Everything is in the right place. Arranged and harmonious. Monolithic wine.

  • Herbs
  • Butter
  • Smoky
  • rosemary
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