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Rossi Malvazija Istrian Templara 2016

Rossi Malvazija Istrian Templara 2016
8,99 € 67,42 HRK
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From 1885 Rossi family cherishes the tradition of indigenous local varieties of Malvasia, Refosco and Teran and their assortment of domestic brandies. The cellar is equipped with a rustic tasting room with 40 seats where guests can enjoy the wines and brandies. With great wines, you can taste Rossi mistletoe grappa, honey grappa, original grappa and many other different kinds of grappa.

Wine notes

WINERY Rossi Marino Wine
Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Malvasia Istriana

The Malvazija Istrian Templar is a wine from vineyards older than 50 years. The wine has a beautiful, straw yellow color with a greenish look and it is crystal clear with a partly thick body. It is beautifully combed with shrimp risotto, Istrian truffles, and with tagliatelle with shells and asparagus. Ideally served at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

  • Vanilla
  • Dried hay straw
    Dried hay straw
  • acacia flowers
    acacia flowers
  • Apple
12,49 € 93,68 HRK
10,99 € 82,42 HRK
6,99 € 52,42 HRK
8,99 € 67,42 HRK
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