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Senjković Bročko rič 2014

Senjković Bročko rič 2014
12,99 € 97,42 HRK
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See, a rock, sun ... Plavac Mali are words with which best describe the colors and flavors of the island Brač. Saša Senjković left his Hajduk football career in order to revive Brač’s winemaking traditions together with his wife Magdalena. Saša’s great grandfather, Ambroz (nicknamed Bosso) had tendered his Plavac Mali vineyards since time could remember so in honor of his efforts, the Senjković Winery have named their flagship Barrique red wine ‘Bosso’ after him, with the label depicting the legend himself. However, Senjković have one more Plavac Mali and that is Bročko Rič.

Wine notes

WINERY Senjković Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

It is dense and full of fruity sweetness. On the first sips sweetness is hidden behind pronounced tannins. After two or three sips, you get used to the "gathering" effect. The thick and chunky, ripe tannins are pronounced. Moderate lasting aftertaste is marked by a combination of ripe fruit and barrique aromas. Over time, as the wine "inhales" flavors of cherry, plum and ferns begins to appear. Later on it somehow "refreshes" and become more complex with a good dose of floral aromas (rose, violet).

  • Cherry
  • Plum
  • Rose
  • Violet

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