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Šipun Sansigot 2013

Šipun Sansigot 2013
12,99 € 97,42 HRK
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Ivica Dobrinčić is one of the biggest winemakers on the island Krk, and he tries to reintroduce old local varieties to his vineyards, such as Sansigot. The wild roses that dot the hills overlooking Vrbnik are locally known as Šipun (hence the name of the winery). Krk is the largest of Croatia’s 1242 islands. Most of the vineyards on Krk are located inland from the medieval sea-cliff village of Vrbnik, where they are protected from the fierce Dalmatian winds known as “Bura”. Soils are a mixture of fertile brown forest soil and the pink Karst limestone the island is made of. Sansigot (Sušćan in Croatian) is a black variety that, before the 1950s, made up about 20 percent of black grapes growing on Krk. It has also grown on the tiny island of Susak (Sansego in Italian). Susak was once known as "floating vineyard" due to the fact that 95% of islands area was covered with vineyards.

Wine notes

WINERY Šipun Winery
Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Cabernet Sauvignon

On Krk, Ivica Dobrinčić makes a varietal Sansigot that is medium-bodied, with beautiful, perfumed floral aromas that remind on violets, fresh red and dark forest fruit (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) and with lifting acidity. The slight difference are medium tannins, a variation that Ivica attributes to the separate location and new winemaking technology.

  • Violet
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry

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