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Sladić Plavina 2015

Sladić Plavina 2015
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Family winery Sladić has a long tradition of winemaking thanks to ideal natural conditions and position of Plastovo, a small town near Skradin and national park Krka. In 2000. family Sladić starts a commercial production. However, they only focus on indigenous varieties that perfectly reflect Skradin terroir. Thanks to limestone soil, the altitude of 270 m, around 2000 hours of sunshine and cold nights, Sladić white wines are creamy and mineral, fresh, with aromas of Dalmatian wild herbs and citrus. Red wines are not typical Dalmatian wines, they are soft, smooth, with lively acids and flavors of the green peppers and Cherries. Sladić wines are perfectly balanced and polished by the aging in wood. Sladić family has a mission and a goal to revitalize indigenous varieties of Skradin region and present their full potential by using sustainable viticulture.

Wine notes

WINERY Sladić Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavina

Sladić Plavina is a wine with moderate scent, fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries, and marmalade. On the aftertaste, the flavor of dried herbs appears. The taste is fresh and lively, with playful acids and gentle tannins. It is best paired with simple meat dishes, barbecue, game meat and hard cheeses

  • Cherry
  • Blackberry
  • Plum Jam
    Plum Jam
  • Herbs

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