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Stina Tribidrag 2015

Stina Tribidrag 2015
28,99 € 217,42 HRK
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A dry red wine, the Crljenak or Tribidrag variety is known and widespread in the world as Zinfandel, and it has only recently been proven that Zinfandel originates from the Croatia, where it is almost completely extinct. The wine is produced from grapes from a single vineyard. It is located on the north side of the island of Brač, in a position suitable for the growth and development of this variety. Harvest is, like all other interventions in the vineyard, done by hand. Brač stone has always been a source of inspiration due to its beauty, but it is also a symbol of hardship when it comes to viticulture and viniculture. And that is where the inspiration for the name STINA comes from. In the Dalmatian dialect, this word means stone, the strongest symbol of the island of Brač.

Wine notes

WINERY Jako vino (Stina)
Region Dalmatia
variety Crljenak
AWARD Bronze medal, Decanter (vintage 2011)

This is an elegant wine with soft tannins, distinct fruitiness and balanced acidity. Tannins have become softer and flavor is more rounded as a result of maturation in barriques for 12 month’s. Barrique notes are elegantly incorporated and they further enrich the bouquet and taste.

  • Liquorice
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • baked cherries
    baked cherries

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