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Tonković Rhapsody 2013

Tonković Rhapsody 2013
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Tonković Winery was founded in 2006 to revive kadarka, a historical grape variety from Vojvodina and Slavonija. As a heritage winery, Tonković family has chosen kadarka, because it is a part of the culture of the region and its terroir. Today, it is almost extinct locally, although, in Hungary, it still yields some of the best Hungarian red wines. Tonković family bought a dozen hectares of land in Bački Vinogradi near Subotica, Serbia, and planted the first kadarka vines in the sandy ground. They wanted to produce a different kadarka, and thanks to the vision of Ignacije Tonković, a former diplomat and a legend of the Vojvodina public scene, they succeeded in establishing kadarka as one of the most important Bačka wines, which is also competitive internationally. The Decanter awards testify to that.

Wine notes

WINERY Tonković Winery
Region Other regions
variety Kadarka
AWARD Decanter 2017 - Bronze medal

Rhapsody Tonković is produced from grapes from the best parts of Tonković vineyards. Only a few thousand bottles of Rhapsody are produced yearly. It is a wine with a powerful body and dense texture, aged in new 300-litre oak barrels. Rhapsody has two crucial characteristics of kadarka: elegance and freshness. The wine is full and elegant. Gastronomically, it easily goes with strong, but not too spicy dishes like pörkölt, boeuf bourguignon, duck, pork, veal, or venison stew.

  • Cherry
  • Pomegranate
  • spices
  • Coffee

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