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Vinarty Škrlet 2012

Vinarty Škrlet 2012
15,99 € 119,92 HRK
5 | 4 voted

On the picturesque hills of Moslavina, passion and love were the basis for the inception of Vinarty wines. Milan and Nataša wanted to create unique wines that stand out not only for their exceptional flavors, but also for a premium design of every detail. Vinarty wines represent the embodiment of their personalities and interests. They create a fusion of urban living and love of nature, of casualness and perfectionism, of modern design and classic beauty, of temperament and gentleness, of uncompromising quality and business spirit. With their seductive colors, refreshing aromas and magical fragrances Vinarty wines will surely find a way to every wine lover.

Wine notes

WINERY Vinarty Wines
Region Central Croatia
variety Škrlet

Quality dry white wine of controlled origin. Light and easy drinking, this golden-colored wine with the aromas of honey, apples and pears, is an irresistible sweet sin of fine dishes. Continental Croatia – Moslavina. Gets along perfectly with: white meat dishes, pastas, cold salads, thick creamy soups and all kinds of fish dishes.

  • Honey
  • Green apple
    Green apple
  • Pear
  • Banana

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