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Volarević La Chic! Plavac Mali Rose 2016

Volarević La Chic! Plavac Mali Rose 2016
11,99 € 89,92 HRK
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The Volarević winery is a family firm founded on the initiative of a father and four sons. They decided that the field of quartz, the slope beside the sea in the bay opposite the peninsula of Peljesac is ideal for planting vineyards. This micro-location has a triple insulation: sun/ stone/ sea and only Plavac Mali can withstand these extreme conditions. Vineyards of the Volarević family are processed and crafted manually and according to ecological standards. The wines produced in the vineyards Volarević carry the name Syrtis, which translates to Prud, the name of the village where the family Volarević lives.

Wine notes

WINERY Volarević Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali

This Rose wine carries the softness, which is rare on the hard and sloped terrain where the grape grows. The grape takes on the features of its terroir while ripening, but Volarević family wanted to make something special with this wine. To preserve all the primary features of terroir but to make as soft a wine as possible. In all its contradiction, this wine has kept its character, with the high percentage of alcohol, robust tannins and the richness of aromas.

  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Black currant
    Black currant
  • Blackberry

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