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Vuina Crljenak 2013

Vuina Crljenak 2013
18,99 € 142,42 HRK
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One of the most professional winemakers from Kaštela near Split, winemaker Neven Vuina. One of those whom the discovery of the origin of Zinfandel especially inspired. Nurtures indigenous Dalmatian, especially Kaštel varieties. Continuing the family tradition of wine production, exclusively from grapes grown in its vineyards on the slopes of Kozjak. Under the name Štafileo, connoisseurs are delighted to have five wines from Neven: Babic, Crljenak Premium Plavac, Plavac Quality and Opol (rose).

Wine notes

WINERY Vuina Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Crljenak Kaštelanski

It stands out by the impression it leaves. An accented dry and very extracted wine, but without the bitterness expected from a Plavac. The fruit is dark and deep, nearly leathery, in tune with some serious aroma sensations, while the tannins are tiny and build up only after a long time with the bottle. After just an hour and a half of decanting, the wine is still too closed. It only shows the dark fruit and wood concentration with a lot of warmth. It took three hours for it work as it should. Good acids, somewhat salty like the sea, as a fresh shell and wind on a salty face. Even slightly animal in the nose. A collector’s bottle that could impress even more after aging in the bottle.

  • Black currant
    Black currant
  • Blackberry
  • leather
  • Dried Cranberries
    Dried Cranberries

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