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Award Season for Croatian Wine Worldwide

When a wine lover hears the word “Bordeaux”, one immediately thinks of wine. When your wine gets recognized at a wine challenge organized in Bordeaux, then you must be doing something right.

Challenge International du Vin is one of the biggest wine contests taking place in France for 39 years now. This year, among more than 5000 wines from 38 countries, Croatian wines got very good scores.

As your go-to online wine provider, we’re proud to say that some of these wines can be found in our online cellar.

STINA wine cellar got 2 gold medals in two different categories:

Pošip Stina 2015 – awarded for white wine in the category 5 -12 eur

Pošip Majstor 2013 – awarded for white wine in the category 12 – 20 eur

G&J VINA got the silver medal for their red wine “Tvoja krv i moja” in a category 12 – 20 eur.

At the Portugizer du Monde (international wine challenge only for protugizer wines) held in Hungary, our local wine supertalent Krešimir Ivančić also won a gold medal for his Griffin Rosé 2014, made entirely of Portugizec.

You don’t want to miss out on these award-winning wines Croatian wines so start filling your cart.


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